Abhishek Choudhary

I am the camel that broke the straw's back.

The straw had it coming.

I am this guy ⬎

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As a child, my goal was to earn tonnes of money. I was later informed that very few professions involve money -- it is, in fact, mostly a by-product. That heartbreak is yet to fully heal. But after the initial shock, I figured that the next best thing would be to get paid for sitting in front of a computer. "There's no way that is not a cool job, right?" asked the 14 year old me. Non-climax: it actually is. My life is pretty good. Currently, my second greatest ambition in life is to be a hand-model.

The day I was born, they decided to enforce the constitution of Mongolia. You're welcome, possible genepool brethren.

Amazon pays me money for the things I do. Before getting here, I built this startup called PressPlay. Earlier, Zomato, Mozilla / Google, Shufflr, and Digit were aboard this groovy train.