Abhishek Choudhary

As I was stepping into the world, the constitution of Mongolia was being enforced.

Coincidence? Yes.

I manage products. I write a blog once a decade. I have seen a few things and on rare occasions have pulled out my phone to take pictures. I used to cook sometimes, but I am now a full time chef thanks to COVID-19. I recently started woodworking and general DIY - people are saying I'm a once in a generation talent. And by people I mean my family. Well, mostly my mom. My sister thinks I have significant room for improvement.

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So many war memorials. #throwback2018 #berlin

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As I said on the left, I manage products. By definition, that is what makes me a product manager. But in a lot of ways, I manage expectations, timelines, communications, strategy, roadmap, and — depending on how flexible you are with definitions — hopes and dreams. All of which is a roundabout way of saying the same thing.

I am currently helping scale BrowserStack. Specifically, I manage everything to do with Automate.

Until August 2019, Amazon gave me money, a badge, and a desk to be a Product Manager for the Detail Page - you know, the page on which you actually shop (and window-shop) for stuff. It's one of the most popular pieces of internet real estate - and a genuine pleasure to keep from being torn apart everyday. Before that, I built a startup called PressPlay. Earlier, Zomato, Mozilla / Google, Shufflr, and Digit were aboard this groovy train.